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Nuclear Fusion: History, Progress and Potential

March 25, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Monroeville Public Library - Gallery Space
4000 Gateway Campus Boulevard
PA 15146
Mark Hudson
412.372.0500 x: 113

Since 1958 humans have been trying to harness nuclear fusion for the purposes of electrical power. If we can crack this problem, fusion promises cheap, green and plentiful energy for everyone. This would have a lasting impact on climate change. The long and tortured history of fusion is littered with false starts, hoaxes, failures and successes. Today, fusion has moved from the university into the commercial world and even the hobbyist space. A number of very small companies and investors are pursuing this goal with novel (and sometimes outright crazy) ideas. Dr. Matt Moynihan’s talk will offer a window into this emerging technology — with extra time for audience participation.

Matt Moynihan is a podcaster and blogger who has been writing about nuclear fusion research since 2009. His fusion content has appeared in Forbes, the Daily Mail and the Space Show. He hosts the Fusion Podcast, where he interviews fusion researchers from around the United States. He is currently developing a popular science book about fusion with author Dr. Fred Bortz.

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